We provide the following services to major pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and various other clients in the life science field:

Translation, editing and proofreading

You have come to the right place for your translation needs. Our vast experience and our deep understanding of the life sciences are reflected in the quality of the translations, editing and proofreading services we provide. Whether you need to translate Informed Consent Forms (ICFs), study materials, surveys, or any other documents, we are convinced that you will be pleased with our quality and personalized service. Here are some examples of the various types of documents that our clients frequently request:

Back-translation into English of French documents and reconciliation

Some of our clients require documents translated into French to be back-translated into English and reconciled with the original source to ensure that the French translation is accurate. We offer this service for the following documents:


Our personalized service starts right from the first email we receive from you and it is second-to-none. We guarantee that you will never wait more than just a few hours to receive a quote from our team because we understand that time is money and that you are always under pressure to get your project off the ground and completed. Our project management staff is dedicated and highly experienced and likes to work with you as a team. Our process is fully transparent and we keep you informed all along the way, from the initial quote until the completion of your project. We do that by providing you with a project analysis using your preferred translation tool. This allows you to see what you are paying for and to keep your costs within budget. We use a variety of translation tools and build a Translation Memory (TM) that is entirely dedicated to your company and we update it properly after the completion of each project. This allows you to save money the next time you entrust us with a translation project.


Our rates are very competitive because our overhead is significantly lower. Moreover, we use Computer-Aided Translation tools which allow our clients to benefit from even lower rates. For example, we never charge you for 100% matches that are already in your database. Our clients love that! And, we provide free quotes within a few hours of your request.

About us

The head of our company, Manon Dufort, is a graduate of the prestigious and world-renowned program in translation from the Université de Montréal. Over her 33-year career, Ms. Dufort has worked as a senior translator as well as a senior editor and general manager of a translation department in three major Canadian companies. Because of her extensive experience, knowledge of the field, and her valuable management skills, we are able to successfully complete your projects in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner.

Our team of certified and highly experienced translators is hand-picked based on the highest professional standards and draws its strengths from its vast and solid knowledge of the pharmaceutical/medical industry. Each of our translators has 20-30 years of experience in translation, editing and proofreading of pharmaceutical/medical documents intended for Canada.